The swirly little Russian 58mm Helios f2, wide open again. Advertisements

Well, it’s now clear who the winner is. After some looking and thinking, the odd-length 58mm Helios takes the prize, with it’s pronounced swirlyness. I thought the Soligar looked really good too, well they all did, but my favourites are the ones with the most unabashed personality. Which do you prefer and why?

I have been looking at a lot of early century studio work (and contemporary work inspired by it,) in the past couple of months, mainly portraiture and fashion images. This is my first experiment trying to capture some elements of the feel of that era’s studio photography. I thought a simple still life would be a […]

Fubuki=Snowstorm Maybe one of the last snowfalls of the year today. I hustled out to find this beautiful Volvo at the end of the street.